BertO challenges the laws of furniture and upholstery by presenting


The most technologically advanced sofa ever produced

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Discover the innovations of the BertO 2024 collection in the context of one of the most beautiful design lofts in Milan

During the Milan Fuorisalone week, an unmissable event awaits friends and design enthusiasts: the welcome in the evocative Loft BertO Live, inside the former industrial setting of Richard Ginori, entirely furnished by BertO’s signature.

BertO’s vision for this event is to transform the way customers interact with living spaces.

From April 15 to 20th, you will have the unique opportunity to directly experience the very latest innovations of the BertO 2024 collection, exploring and trying out the furnishings in a real-life context.

This intimate approach will allow you to deeply understand the nature of each sofa, chair, armchair, table, bed, and all other furnishings, observing and trying them out in a real-life context and not just in a showroom.

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Iggy, the future of sofas is here

The revolution of curved shapes

“In common language, any line that’s not straight.” Treccani makes it simple to define the word curved.

But a project without edges and acute angles is one of the most difficult things to achieve in terms of design realization. Not by chance, historically there is a before and after the invention of the wheel.

Just as there will be a before and after Iggy, the first modular design sofa totally free of angles and acute edges that challenges the laws of upholstery.

For BertO, Iggy represents the most technologically advanced sofa ever created. A mix of extreme comfort and technology, where all edges and corners have been replaced by soft roundness.

Conceived by the genius of the designers at Studio Castello Lagravinese, the creation required 18 months of designs, tests, structural calculations, and material trials to solve the puzzle of how to give weight, shape, load-bearing capacity, and resistance to its distinctive roundness and curves.

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The BertO 2024 Collection

From the award-winning chair at the Archiproducts Design Awards, to the "most beautiful bed in the world"

The Loft BertO Live will be the stage to present to the public all the novelties of the BertO 2024 collection.


Special space will be given to the Cherie chair, winner of two prestigious awards in the “Furniture” and “Design” categories during the 2023 edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, thanks to the harmonious union between the tradition of Viennese straw and the curved and modern lines of the wooden structure that give it a contemporary design, creating a perfect balance between ancient and modern.


Lines that perfectly marry with Stiv, the brand new dining table from the BertO Collection that combines the elegance of marble and crystal with the sculptural soul of a solid wood base, creating a light design, with soft and welcoming shapes capable of transforming every dining room into a design sanctuary.

Bowery e East Side

And there will also be the beds defined by some of our customers as “the most beautiful beds in the world“: Bowery and East Side are the first beds of the BertO Collection entirely made of solid wood.

An innovation that is reflected in their structure, created through the application of hyper-advanced technologies that have allowed the creation of a bed with a light, clean, and modern design, but at the same time a design so solid that it exceeded the most stringent quality certifications.

The light and thin structure, with an airy elliptical section, not only adds elegance but it’s also able to visually lighten the entire space around them, making these beds perfect to transform your bedroom into a design oasis.


If you have a patio, this is the perfect opportunity to realize how to transform your terrace or garden into a true open-air living room with the outdoor furniture from the BertO Sounds collection.

The main feature, in addition to the extreme resistance of its materials, is the airiness that allows you to see through the armrests of the sofa, armchairs, the bases of the coffee tables, and ottomans.

These transparencies create plays of light and shadow with the sun that you can see with your own eyes on the surfaces, drawing and decorating the floor and walls.

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Exclusive Offers

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BertO’s foundation, which falls this year, all our guests who will visit Loft BertO from April 15 to 20 will be offered exclusive conditions and benefits, valid throughout the month following Fuorisalone 2024.

Furthermore, during the 6 days of the Design Week, BertO has organized a packed calendar of events that combine Design and Music, always the inspiring muse and common thread of all BertO collections.

Public opening hours: from April 15th to 20th - from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

at the former Richard Ginori factory, Milan

Tuesday 16

From 7:00 pm cocktail party with DJ SET by Andrea Mariano aka Andro, keyboardist of Negramaro.



Archiformazione Talk where the musician Saturnino, the designer Lorenzo Palmeri, and Filippo Berto discuss the meaning and power of the word project.


Open Day dedicated to Architects, Designers, and Interior Designers



Live music with Silvia and her Band Vittoria and the Hyde Park

(Evening Event SOLD OUT)

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